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Date 2011-11-17.00:45:41
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> But... there is no os.unsetenv on Windows!

Correct, even unsetenv() doesn't exist on Windows: putenv() can be used to unset a variable using an empty value. And it's exactly what Python does.

It is confusing because posix_unsetenv() is not build on Windows, but it contains code specific for Windows.

While testing del os.environ[key], I found another bug: del os.environ['x'*50000] does crash Python on Windows.

Attached patch (for Python 3.3) does:

 - Remove the Windows specific code from posix_unsetenv()
 - Check if unsetenv() failed on UNIX
 - Check environment variable length on Windows

The Windows bug does affect Python 2.7 too. "Check if unsetenv() failed on UNIX" change may be skipped on Python 2.7 and 3.2.
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