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Date 2011-11-09.10:17:02
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In reviewing Zbyszek's doc updates and comparing them against the Grammar, I discovered a gratuitous change in the implementation: it allows a bare (i.e. no parentheses) 'yield from' as an argument to a function, even when there's multiple arguments. By contrast, an ordinary yield expression requires parentheses everywhere other than when it's being used as a statement, or as the sole expression on the RHS of an assignment.

I'll add a new test to ensure "yield from x" requires parentheses whenever "yield x" requires them (and fix the Grammar file on the implementation branch accordingly).

I've also pushed a fix to the branch for the refleak Yury pointed out (once I actually ran regrtest in refleak hunting mode it also pointed out that there was a problem, so I know his suggested change definitely fixed it).
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