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Author mark.dickinson
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Date 2011-10-23.19:55:00
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I've fixed some of the inaccurate comments in Objects/longobject.c, for the default branch;  I'm still looking at the Doc update.

This really is a bit of a mess, especially for cases like PyLong_AsVoidPtr, which can either end up calling PyLong_As(Long)Long (which  allows conversion via __int__), or PyLong_AsUnsigned(Long)Long (which doesn't).

Ultimately, I think it would make sense to remove all __int__ conversions from Objects/longobject.c;  this would affect:

  - PyLong_AsLongAndOverflow
  - PyLong_AsLong
  - PyLong_AsUnsignedLongMask

and the 'LongLong' variants of these.  The ramifications of such a change might be quite long-reaching;  in particular, I seem to recall that this would affect the 'getargs' machinery.

It could be fun to remove these conversions and see how much of the test-suite fails. :-)
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