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Author mhammond
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Date 2011-10-19.23:01:13
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The first chunk of that patch is for when pythonhome==NULL.  There is also a similar block just under it when MS_WINDOWS is not defined.  While I don't know in which cases this will be built without that define, it looks as though the *buf++ = DELIM; should also be added to that block?

Also, there is an existing conditional:
     if (argv0_path) {

which can never be false (as argv0_path is a char array).  It could be changed to if (argv0_path[0]) but ISTM that it could also be removed completely - ie, the 2 lines left in that block should have no effect in the case where the buffer is empty.

I haven't actually tested it though, but apart from the first comment above, it *looks* like it does the right thing :)
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