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Date 2011-10-18.11:35:27
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Doc/library/stdtypes.rst needs a "versionadded" tag for the additional semantics.

Also, the patch doesn't compile fine on current default:

In file included from Objects/unicodeobject.c:487:0:
Objects/stringlib/find.h: In function ‘stringlib_parse_args_finds_byte’:
Objects/stringlib/find.h:158:5: attention : implicit declaration of function ‘stringlib_parse_args_finds’
In file included from Objects/unicodeobject.c:497:0:
Objects/stringlib/find.h: Hors de toute fonction :
Objects/stringlib/find.h:151:1: erreur: redefinition of ‘stringlib_parse_args_finds_byte’
Objects/stringlib/find.h:151:1: note: previous definition of ‘stringlib_parse_args_finds_byte’ was here

I'd say you need to either define your function as STRINGLIB(parse_args_finds_byte) (to avoid name collisions), or avoid defining it if STRINGLIB_IS_UNICODE.
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