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> Open a command prompt:
Another alternative is win+r -> type 'cmd' -> hit enter.  This should work on all the Windows versions.

> * cd C:\ - Puts you in the root directory of the C drive.
> * cd Python32 - Puts you in the directory where Python 3.2 is installed.

What if it's not installed there?  Maybe it's better to say something like "use the 'cd' command to move to the directory where Python is installed" possibly mentioning the default installation directory and  'cd ..'.

> * dir - This command lists the contents of the Python32 directory.
> * python - This command will invoke python.exe and bring up the 

If the dir is already added to the PATH 'python' will work already without having to navigate to the installation dir.
Also if the user installed Python there should be a "Python (command line)" entry in the start menu that brings up the interpreter.
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