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Am 04.10.11 19:08, schrieb Antoine Pitrou:
> Antoine Pitrou<>  added the comment:
>>> Based on Amaury's report, I would suggest going forward integrating
>>> the xz module for configure-based systems, and letting someone else
>>> handle Windows integration later if a solution is found.
>> -1000. I feel quite strongly that this should not be added unless there
>> is also support in the Windows build process for it.
> Why?

This module is only useful in the standard library if it is available
on all systems. If it is not available on all systems, it may just as
well be available from PyPI only. Now, as it needs to be available on
Windows, I want to see the actual Windows support, else we would have
to block the release until Windows support is available, possibly then
reverting the module because no Windows support is forthcoming. So it's
easier not to commit in the first place.
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