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> This is all fine and well, but this is clearly a bug and not a feature.

No, it is not at all clear that this is a bug. I agree that this is a desirable
capability to have, but nowhere does the module claim to support multi-stream files.
Nor is it an inherent feature of the underlying bzip2 library that we are failing
to expose to users.

> [...] python 2.x users will never be able to extract multiple-stream bz2 files.

Incorrect. It is perfectly possible to extract a multi-stream bz2 file in 2.x -
you just need to open it with open() and decompress the data using
BZ2Decompressor (pretty much the same way that 3.3's BZ2File does it).

If there is really a large demand for these facilities in 2.x, I would be willing
to port 3.3's BZ2File implementation to 2.x and make it available on PyPI. But 
this patch is not going in to the 2.7 stdlib; it is simply not the sort of
behavior change that is acceptable in a bugfix release.
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