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Author meador.inge
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Date 2011-09-22.02:30:45
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This patch seems reasonable.  Upon looking at the code in more
detail, however, I can't see how the error condition that leaks the
reference can ever by triggered.  In particular, the following code
from the 'PyCArrayType_from_ctype' function:

    if (!PyType_Check(itemtype)) {
                        "Expected a type object");
        return NULL;

'PyCArrayType_from_ctype' is only called from 'CDataType_repeat'.  The
'CDataType_repeat' function is only used to implement the 'sq_repeat' 
slot in 'CDataType_as_sequence'.  'CDataType_as_sequence' is used in all 
of the implemented ctypes (struct, array, union, simple, ...).

Unless 'PyCArrayType_from_ctype' is called through some other means
(it is public), then 'itemtype' should *always* be a type.  Or am 
I missing something obvious?  So, we could add the decref or just remove 
the type check code all together (and make 'PyCArrayType_from_ctype'
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