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Author wah meng
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Date 2011-09-20.10:44:33
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Thanks! I am gonna try this out again. 

Actually I noticed this when you mentioned about using cc as the linker front end. 

I followed instruction in the README file, after I edited Makefile to remove the -O Limit 1500 line, and after python executable is built, the Makefile is overwritten (maybe re-generated by the compiler) again and my changes of -O and -Limit 1500 is added back. However that doesn't create big damage like the +DD64 to the linker (ld). 

I see. Since I have got HP Compiler, I will provide some updates here once I have a newer finding. I have submitted my question of "Why ld doesn't recognize +DD64" flag to HP and they are checking for me. The progress over there is slow. 

Thanks for your reply!

Wah Meng
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