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Ezio Melotti <> wrote
   on Mon, 19 Sep 2011 11:11:48 -0000: 

> We could also look at what other languages do and/or ask to the
> Unicode consortium.

I will look at what Java does a bit later on this morning, which is the
only other commonly used language besides C that I feel even reasonably
competent at.  I seem to recall that Java changed its default behavior on
certain Unicode decoding issues from warnings to exceptions between one
release and the next, but can't remember any details.

As the Perl Foundation is a member of the Unicode Consortium and I am on
the mailing list, I suppose I could just ask them.  I feel a bit timid
though because the last thing I brought up there was based on a subtle
misunderstanding of mine regarding the IDC and Pattern_Syntax properties.
I hate looking dumb twice in row. :)

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