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Date 2011-09-17.07:51:33
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Hello Benny,

> As requested, here is the full patch for MirBSD support. The diff was taken against version 2.7.2. It is really quite easy, you just need to handle MirBSD like OpenBSD.
> With this patch, I can successfully compile and run Python on MirBSD. Even though it is a rather exotic platform, I encourage you to take these changes, as they are quite minimal.

Indeed, it's quite short and manageable, but see, especially Martin's and Terry's
Guido established a policy a few years ago that we should rather not
incorporate support for every minority platform for which people
contribute patches. While I'd personally agree that an Interix port
would certainly be "fun", pragmatically, I'm -1 on having the code in
the code basis, and propose to close this issue as "won't fix".

We would certainly be happy to link to gentoo prefix from the "other
ports" page on


Markus, I agree with Martin that this patch would go against current
policy and should be closed. Rather than close it myself, I will try
to persuade you to do so.

This patch is much simpler and cleaner though (OTOH, it's so simple it
shouldn't be too much work for MirBSD folks to keep this patch in
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