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Date 2011-09-14.00:56:43
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> Okay, understood.  But the new 'long long' support provided by this patch still allows for __int__-based duck typing, right?

Yes, but ...

> That's the new duck typing I meant.  I see this acceptance of things with an __int__ method as a mistake, and my gut
> reaction earlier was that it seems wrong to propagate that mistake into the new long long functionality, even though it's already
> present in other places in the array module.
> On second thoughts though, it would be a peculiar inconsistency to be able to pass Decimal objects to array('L', ...) but not
> to array('Q', ...).  So probably better to accept this behaviour for now, and open another issue for the __int__ / __index__ discussion,
> as you suggest.

... I had this inconsistency in mind.  I opened issue12974 for the
__int__/__index__ problem.

Now we just have to figure out which issue gets fixed first :-D  I am
OK with applying the fix for this issue first.
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