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Date 2011-09-13.15:14:51
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I wonder whether it is

The demo script from there crashes both on debian-arm and Ubuntu Lucid,
but this specific segfault only occurs on debian arm.

Attached is a minimal C test case that only crashes on debian-arm
when sched_setaffinity() is called *and* the program is linked to

$ gcc -Wall -W -O0 -g -o crash crash.c
$ ./crash
$ gcc -Wall -W -O0 -g -o crash crash.c -pthread
$ ./crash
Segmentation fault (core dumped)

# comment out: sched_setaffinity(0, size, cpusetp);

$ gcc -Wall -W -O0 -g -o crash crash.c -pthread
$ ./crash

On Ubuntu all three cases run fine. Perhaps this is a bug in
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