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> The quad-precision float would be highly portable

Larry, please stop this discussion in this issue. I believe
a PEP would be needed, and would likely be rejected because
of the very very very long list of issues that can't be
resolved. I think you seriously underestimate the problems.
Please trust Mark on this.

For example, gcc doesn't support __float128 in 32-bit mode
on x86.

> If float128 isn't viable then the best remaining option is Decimal.
> But changing st_mtime to Decimal would be an even more violent change
> than changing it to float was.  I propose adding the Decimal fields
> "ctime", "atime", and "mtime" to the named tuple returned by
> os.stat().

That sounds reasonable to me. While we are at it, I'd rename
"ctime" to "creationtime" on Windows, to prevent people from
believing it is "ctime" (i.e. inode change time).
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