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Author rhettinger
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Date 2011-09-10.01:16:07
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A few thoughts:
* no one has ever made a request for this
* different people may want to do it in different ways 
  (the formulas are hard-wired).
* the '...' connector is hardwired
  (perhaps ' ... ' would look less odd).
* we should have a preference for keeping APIs small
  (more to learn and remember)
* this is dirt simple string processing and not hard
  for people to roll their own if the need arises
* if the API were to be expanded, perhaps it should
  be as a part of a focuses, thoughtful effort to
  provide a more generic set of text formatting
  transformations perhaps modeled on deep experiences
  with similar modules in other languages.
  (as opposed to piecemeal additions that weren't 
  designed with a coherent vision).
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