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On Fri, Sep 9, 2011 at 5:22 PM, Alexander Belopolsky
<> wrote:
> If history repeats, struct stat will grow new st_xtimesuperspec
> fields, st_xtimespec will become a macro expanding to
> st_xtimesuperspec.tv_picosec

On the second thought, this won't work.  To support higher resolution
will need to supply 3 fields in st_xtimesuperspec: tv_sec and tv_nsec
packed in st_xtimespec (say tv_timespec) and new tv_psec field.
st_xtime will now be   st_xtimesuperspec.tv_timespec.tv_sec and
st_xtimespec will be a new macro expanding to
st_xtimesuperspec.tv_timespec.  The rest of my argument still holds.
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