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On Fri, Sep 9, 2011 at 4:50 PM, Larry Hastings <> wrote:
> I think a pair of integers is a poor API.  It ties the value of the fractional part to nanoseconds.  What happens
> when a future filesystem implements picosecond resolution?

If history repeats, struct stat will grow new st_xtimesuperspec
fields, st_xtimespec will become a macro expanding to
st_xtimesuperspec.tv_picosec and we will get a request to support that
in os.stat().  I don't see why this conflicts with
stat_result.st_xtimespec returning a (sec, nsec) tuple.  If we will
ever have to support higher resolution,  stat_result will grow another
member with a (sec, picosec) or whatever will be appropriate value.

>  And then later goes to femtoseconds?

Same thing.

>  Or some platform chooses another divisor (2**32)?

Unlikely, but C API will dictate Python API if this happens.
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