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Date 2011-09-01.17:13:06
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I tried to run a test suite of 3kloc (not just about regex, but regex were used in several places) and I had only one failure:
>>> s = u'void foo ( type arg1 [, type arg2 ] )'
>>> re.sub('(?<=[][()]) |(?!,) (?!\[,)(?=[][(),])', '', s)
u'void foo(type arg1 [, type arg2])'
>>> regex.sub('(?<=[][()]) |(?!,) (?!\[,)(?=[][(),])', '', s)
u'void foo ( type arg1 [, type arg2 ] )'

Note than when the two patterns are used independently they both yield the same result on re and regex, but once they are combined the result is different:
>>> re.sub('(?<=[][()]) ', '', s)
u'void foo (type arg1 [, type arg2 ])'
>>> regex.sub('(?<=[][()]) ', '', s)
u'void foo (type arg1 [, type arg2 ])'

>>> re.sub('(?!,) (?!\[,)(?=[][(),])', '', s)
u'void foo( type arg1 [, type arg2])'
>>> regex.sub('(?!,) (?!\[,)(?=[][(),])', '', s)
u'void foo( type arg1 [, type arg2])'
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