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Date 2011-08-28.17:16:26
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> there's some issues compiling the multiprocessing module on the SunOS
> I have here, where CMSG_LEN, CMSG_ALIGN, CMSG_SPACE and sem_timedwait
> are absent.

CMSG_LEN and friends should be defined by <sys/socket.h> (as required by POSIX). SunOS 5.10 man page lists them:

But not the SunOS 5.9 version:

> it looks like simply defining the first three macros like this works

It works, but it's probably not a good idea: if the headers don't define CMSG_LEN and friends, then FD passing will probably not work.
It'd be better to not compile multiprocessing_(sendfd|recvfd) if CMSG_LEN is not defined (patch attached).

> sem_timedwait are absent.

Do you have the compilation's log?
Normally, if sem_timedwait isn't available, HAVE_SEM_TIMEDWAIT shouldn't be defined, and we should fallback to sem_trywait (by the way, calling sem_trywait multiple times until the timeout expires is not the same has calling sem_timedwait: this will fail in case of heavy contention).
So this should build correctly.

And this seems even stranger when I read Sebastian's message:
so I had to commented out HAVE_SEM_TIMEDWAIT from, see:
             elif platform.startswith('sunos5'):
                  macros = dict(
                  libraries = ['rt']

Makes sense.
If we define HAVE_SEMTIMEDWAIT=0, then code guarded by

will be compiled, and the linker won't be able to resolve sem_timedwait.
The preprocessor just checks that the symbol is defined, not that it has a non-zero value.
To sum up: could someone with a SunOS box test the attached patch, and post the compilation logs if it still fails?
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