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STINNER Victor wrote:
> STINNER Victor <> added the comment:
>>> It is mostly to test FreeBSD major version, and it looks like Python is build on the same FreeBSD major version that it is running on. Maybe because on FreeBSD, most programs are compiled instead of using prebuild packages (pkgadd).
>> Right. FreeBSD doesn't ship prebuilt binaries for packages
> FreeBSD does ship prebuild Python packages.

The FreeBSD base distribution (which has the binaries
and, AFAIK, the only binaries that ship with FreeBSD) doesn't
include Python. It's in the ports collection, though,
and for those you have the option of installing prebuilt
binaries of the packages via pkg_add.

Still, that's not exactly the FreeBSD way of doing things :)
See the big warning in the pkg_add man page, various discussions
on the net and the pros/cons in the handbook:

But in general you are right: if you use system provided Python
packages, chances are that your runtime OS version will be
identical or very close to the build time OS version.
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