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> - "linux3" on Python <= 2.7.2 or Python <= 3.2.1
> - "linux2" on 2.7.3 <= Python or 3.2.2 <= Python < 3.3
> - "linux" on Python >= 3.3
> I don't see how it will help backward or forward compatibility...

It's very easy to see. In the long term (ten years) Python 2 will
be gone, and so will be Linux 2. Linux 4 may be released.

If we continue with the current approach, we will have the same
problems again (as we already did when Linux 2 was released). If
we change to just "linux" now, it will have no effect when Linux 4
is released.

As for the cases where "linux3" is reported: I don't care that
they break. Python 2.6 and Python 2.7.2 is incompatible with
Linux 3. Users should be advised to a) not upgrade to Linux 3, or
b) simultaneously upgrade to a newer Python release, or
c) work-around in their applications.

I expect that most users chose a) for some time to come (until
the Linux distributions ship the new kernels), and that the Linux
distributions chose b) and c).

> Well, except maybe if you plan to write applications working only on
> Python >= 2.7.3? ... this version is not released yet.

With Python 2.7.3, people don't have the change their applications at
all. They just have to wait for the Linux upgrade until Python 2.7.3
is released.
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