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Date 2011-08-18.14:32:26
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In the implementation of nt._getfinalpathname() (in posixmodule.c) we have:

    /* We have a good handle to the target, use it to determine the
       target path name. */
    buf_size = Py_GetFinalPathNameByHandleW(hFile, 0, 0, VOLUME_NAME_NT);


    result_length = Py_GetFinalPathNameByHandleW(hFile, target_path,
                                                 buf_size, VOLUME_NAME_DOS);

There doesn't seem to be a good reason to use VOLUME_NAME_NT in the first call and VOLUME_NAME_DOS in the second. Especially given the second call might require more characters than the first call, and therefore return a truncated path.
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