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Date 2011-08-18.14:19:16
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> Well, I'd rather have this flag called 'x', to be consistent with
> glibc's fopen():
> """
>        c (since glibc 2.3.3)
>               Do not make the open operation, or subsequent read and write
>               operations, thread cancellation points.
>        x      Open the file exclusively (like the O_EXCL flag of
> open(2)).  If the
>               file already exists, fopen() fails, and sets errno to
> EEXIST.  This
>               flag is ignored for fdopen().

Yeah, but I think "exclusively" is quite misleading since it does not
perform any locking of any kind. Also, I don't think we'll ever
integrate the glibc's "c" option in
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