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Antoine Pitrou <> wrote
   on Sat, 13 Aug 2011 21:09:52 -0000: 

> And/or a lookup table giving the byte offset of, say, every 16th
> character. It gives you a O(1) lookup with a relatively reasonable
> constant cost (you have to scan for less than 16 characters after the
> lookup).

> On small strings (< 256 UTF-8 bytes) the space overhead for the lookup
> table would be 1/16. It could also be constructed lazily whenever more
> than 2 positions are cached.

You really should talk to the Perl 6 people to see whether their current
strategy for caching offset maps for grapheme positions might be of use to
you.  Larry explained it to me once but I no longer recall any details.

I notice though that they don't seem to think it worth doing for UTF-8 
or UTF-16, just for their synthetic "NFG" (Grapheme Normalization Form)
strings, where it would be needed even if they used UTF-32 underneath.

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