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Author jon.buller
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Date 2011-08-05.01:35:34
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I recently upgraded my SparcStation20 to NetBSD-current and thought I 
would try installing python again.  I found that both 2.7.1 and whatever 
was the most current 2.5 pkgsrc version as of a few months ago built and 
installed just fine.  I'm sorry I can no longer help debug this, but the 
bug was very repeatable on 2.6 and 2.7 for several years and often 
happened with 2.5 as well. But I can no longer repeat it.  I also can't 
say if it is a GCC bug, a NetBSD kernel or libc bug, or a python bug. I 
was sort of expecting it to be a NetBSD bug since I don't remember ever 
having problems with x86, amd64, or sparc64 NetBSD systems, but I still 
believe it could be just about anywhere.

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