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Author eli.bendersky
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Date 2011-07-29.03:55:42
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It appears this breaks "make patchcheck" in trunk:

./python ./Tools/scripts/
Getting the list of files that have been added/changed ... 5 files
Fixing whitespace ... Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "./Tools/scripts/", line 147, in <module>
  File "./Tools/scripts/", line 129, in main
  File "./Tools/scripts/", line 22, in call_fxn
    result = fxn(*args, **kwargs)
  File "./Tools/scripts/", line 66, in normalize_whitespace
    fixed = [path for path in file_paths if path.endswith('.py') and
  File "./Tools/scripts/", line 67, in <listcomp>
  File "/home/eliben/python-src/33/Tools/scripts/", line 129, in check
    newline = spec_newline if spec_newline else r.newlines
NameError: global name 'spec_newline' is not defined
make: *** [patchcheck] Error 1
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