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Date 2011-07-27.15:03:48
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Hi!  Thanks for the report.  This can’t be fixed in 2.5, 2.6 or 3.1, which are in security-fix only mode, but we can do something for the active branches.

A quick web search finds reference of this deprecation/removal as far as 2007.  Does anyone have more official documentation?  If we can find the first gcc version that deprecates this option, then I’ll be able to make a patch with a version check (in order not to change previously working code).

(In the future, it would be nice of you not to use URL obfuscators or pastebins. Such services offer no guarantee of continued availability of hosted resources or links, but it is useful to keep information on this bug tracker for future reference.  Thank you.

The first link is this:
The second:
The compile log from the third link is attached as a file.)
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