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thanks for the reply. I see your point with the legacy distutils.

> I hope that this explanation will let you see why I’m reluctant to
> change distutils: we don’t know what code we will break if we improve
> symlink handling.  So, do you think adding a warning about symlink
> handling issues in the docs would be enough?

Given the constraints, yes, it would be good to have that warning in the docs. Even better would be a runtime hint like

Notice: gztar target will preserve symbolic links.


Notice: zip target will dereference symbolic links.

> For distutils2 however, compatibility concerns do not apply yet,
> so we’re free to fix and document symlink handling.

That would be very welcome. I am afraid I will not be able to contribute code anytime soon, but it would be great if the regular developers could keep an eye on this inconsistency.
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