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Author sdaoden
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Date 2011-07-19.12:32:44
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If Nir's analysis is right, and Antoines comment pushes me into
this direction, (i personally have not looked at that code),
then multiprocessing is completely brain-damaged and has been
implemented by a moron.
And yes, I know this is a bug tracker, and even that of Python.

Nir should merge his last two messages into a single mail to
python-dev, and those guys should give Nir or Thomas or a group of
persons who have time and mental power a hg(1) repo clone and
committer access to that and multiprocessing should be rewritten,
maybe even from scratch, but i dunno.

For the extremely unlikely case that all that doesn't happen maybe
the patch of neologix should make it?

Ciao, sdaoden(*)(
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