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Date 2011-07-12.19:30:34
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> I’ve reviewed the last patch.  It looks like the code only installs
> to the global site-packages, and there is no support to install to
> the user site-packages or to another arbitrary location.
> On Windows, normal users seem to be able to write to the global
> site-packages (see #12260), but on other OSes with a proper rights
> model <wink> that won’t do.  Luckily, PEP 370 brings us user
> site-packages (currently poorly documented, see #8617 and #10745),
> but only for 2.6, 2.7 and 3.x.  It looks like Tarek is ready to drop
> 2.4 compatibility for distutils2, so the question is: what to do
> under 2.5?
> Generally, I don’t see why develop could not install to any
> directory.  We want a default invocation without options to Just
> Work™, finding a writable directory already on sys.path and writing
> into it, but that doesn’t exclude letting the user do what they
> want.

I don't see why the installation-location-finding for develop should be
any different than for a normal "pysetup install". Does "pysetup
install" install to global site-packages by default, or try to find
somewhere it can install without additional privileges? Whatever it does
by default, develop should do the same. If "develop" can install to
arbitrary locations, then "install" should be able to as well (though I
don't really see the value in "arbitrary locations", since you then have
to set up PYTHONPATH manually anyway). There is no reason for them to
have different features in this area, it just adds confusion.

Certainly "develop" should support PEP 370, ideally with the same
command-line flag as a regular install.
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