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Date 2011-07-12.13:43:00
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> So if we include the RECORD file (point number 2) without the checksum
> and size (two columns in the RECORD csv format),
Well, three columns, the last one being empty.

> we will still be PEP376 valid (maybe?), but the file verification
> information will be missing. And we don't really want this
> information because if we edit a file, the checksum and size will be
> incorrect anyhow. This missing information is not important when
> using the develop or test commands, because we are running the
> commands on a trusted local copy.
Good thinking.

> What are the consequences of not writing the checksum or size to the
> RECORD file? And does that solve the issue?
I think checksum was intended for use by uninstallers, so we’re good.  I don’t know why the size is included.

> I don't really think the "invalid PEP 376" issue is a problem: PEP
> 376 describes the metadata for installed distributions; it has
> nothing to say about built metadata for a distribution which has not
> yet been installed.
The problem is that develop is a kind of install.

> For purposes of the develop command, if a pth file is used to
> implement develop, then ideally when develop is run a RECORD file
> would be added containing only the path to that pth file, as thats
> the only file that has actually been installed

> (and the only one that should be removed if the develop-installed
> package is uninstalled).
Are you saying that such a RECORD file would allow any installer compatible with PEP 376 to undo a develop install?  Clever!
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