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My suggestion to this would be that it should be outdated in the
same way that Georg Brandl has suggested for changing the default
encoding on python-dev [1], and add clear documentation on that,
also in respect to the transition phase ..

> The problem is that multiprocessing itself, by construction,
> uses fork() with multiple threads.

.. and maybe add some switches which allow usage of fork() for the
time being.

Today a '$ grep -Fir fork' does not show up threading.rst at all,
which seems to be little in regard to the great problem.
I would add a big fat note that multiprocessing.Process should be
used instead today, because how about those of us who are not
sophisticated enough to be appointed to standard committees?

But anyway we should be lucky: fork(2) is UNIX specific, and thus
it can be expected that all thread-safe libraries etc. are aware of
the fact that they may be cloned by it.  Except mine, of course.  ,~)

Ciao, Steffen
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