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Date 2011-06-26.20:27:47
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sigint_event.patch is a patch to make
_multiprocessing.win32.WaitForMultipleObjects interruptible.  It
applies directly on to default.

The patch also adds functions _PyOS_SigintEvent and _PyOS_IsMainThread
which are implemented in signalmodule.c and declared in intrcheck.c.

_PyOS_SigintEvent returns a manual reset event (cast to void*) which
is set whenever SIGINT is received.  It is Windows only.

_PyOS_IsMainThread returns 0 or 1 according to whether the current
thread is the main thread.

The time and _multiprocessing modules have been updated to use these

Note that WaitForMultipleObjects has a bWaitAll parameter.  When this
is true, all handles in the array are waited for, and
WaitForMultipleObjects is not interruptible.
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