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Date 2011-06-17.13:01:40
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 - (in passive mode) FTP.ntransfercmd() closes explicitly the socket on error: the caller has not access to the socket on error
 - OtherNetworkTests of test_urllib2net clears CacheFTPHandler cache: add a CacheFTPHandler.clear_cache() for that (I didn't document this new method because other methods are also not documented)
 - the last change is the worst one (ugly hack): FTPHandler.ftp_open() changes the close callback of the addclosehook object in ftpwrapper.retrfile(), but not in CacheFTPHandler.

I don't like the implementation of the last change:
 - it adds a protected class attribute
 - ftpwrapper.retrfile() requires an explicit close=True argument: it would be better to use a "reference counter" (or something like that), like socket._io_refs
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