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Date 2011-06-08.12:21:14
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Ok, this patch could be used.
*Unless* the code is not protected by the GIL.

- Gestalt usage is a bit more complicated according to

  unless Python only supports OS X 10.4 and later.
  (And correctly states that in _mac_ver_gestalt(),
  but see below.)

- Due to usage of Gestalt, '-framework CoreServices' must be
  linked against mmapmodule.c.
  The Python configuration stuff is interesting for me, i managed
  compilation by adding the line

    mmap mmapmodule.c -framework CoreServices

  to Modules/Setup, but i guess it's only OS X which is happy
  about that. _mac_ver_xml() should be dropped entirely according
to one of Ned Deily's links ("never officially supported"), and
_mac_ver_gestalt() obviously never executed because i guess it
would fail due to "versioninfo".  Unless i missed something.

By the way: where do you get the info from?  "sys1", "sys2",
"sys3"?  Cannot find it anywhere, only the long names, e.g.

Note that i've mailed Apple.  I did not pay 99$ or even 249$, so
i don't know if there will be a response.
Ciao, Steffen
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