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Date 2011-06-06.18:56:30
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Could you update your patch against py3k?

I've got a couple comments (can't login to Rietveld, it's probably due to the change of my tracker account name):

        "Wrong flag value");
    return NULL;

I'm not sure that's necessary:
- accept4() can sanitize its input itself if necessary (will fail with EINVAL)
- if some flag is added, or another OS doesn't use the same flags, it'll fall out of sync

         /* These flags are not inherited after accept */
         type &= ~(SOCK_NONBLOCK & SOCK_CLOEXEC);
#endif /* HAVE_ACCEPT4 */

SOCK_NONBLOCK & SOCK_CLOEXEC == 0, so this doesn't do much.
Second, you should probably reuse what's done in Lib/ for timeout inheritance upon accept (except that here you certainly don't want to set the socket to blocking if SOCK_NONBLOCK flag is passed).

You should add a test for that: have a look at test_pipe2 in Lib/test/
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