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Date 2011-05-29.19:40:25
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On Tue 24 May 2011, Brian May wrote:
> Are there any problems applying the v5 version of the patch to 3.3?

Well, it still works for me, apart from a trivial patch conflict:
I'm attaching a fresh diff (with no changes) against a recent hg

Antoine did previously question the necessity of all the various
"abstract" mixin classes I used to form unit test fixtures for
different socket types, but the most recent version does, for
instance, use UDPTestBase and TCPTestBase both with and without
the threading and connection-establishing mixins, respectively
(and the replace-existing-classes patch can still be applied to
remove the redundancy with SocketTCPTest, etc.).

Apart from that, I don't know.  Perhaps a review by someone
familiar with the interface would help?

> Also is there any remote chance for a backport to 2.7?

I'd be happy to do one, but I'm pretty sure's 2.x line
is closed to new features.  Perhaps some fork of CPython might be
willing to accept it, though - I don't know.
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