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Le mardi 24 mai 2011 à 18:13 +0000, Martin a écrit :
> Martin <> added the comment:
> Does Victor Stinner have a psychic link with Armin Rigo? :)
> """
> # My theory is that they are not widely used on CPython either, because
> # I found two bugs just by looking at their .c source

Sorry, I only found one bug, and while testing HZ, not while reading the
source code.

> ... and mbiencoder_reset() calls decreset() instead of encreset()

This is a new bug that you should be fixed. Armin did not reported the
bug upstream (in this bug tracker)?

> The answer to Armin's theory is that they're bugs but not ones users are likely to notice?

Ok, I will apply my fix.
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