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Date 2011-05-22.10:09:25
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Combining multiple option flags to doctest.testmod(optionflags=...) requires the bitwise or operator |, not plain "or". I therefore suggest rewording "or-ing together individual option flags." to "or-ing together individual option flags, using the 'bitwise or' operator |.", perhaps with a link to


Doctest option flags must be or-ed together with '|', not 'or'.

>>> print "A  B  C"
A B...
import doctest

print "Combining option flags using bitwise '|'..."
doctest.testmod(optionflags=doctest.NORMALIZE_WHITESPACE | doctest.ELLIPSIS)
print "Combining option flags using logical 'or'..."
doctest.testmod(optionflags=doctest.NORMALIZE_WHITESPACE or doctest.ELLIPSIS)
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