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Author Darren.Dale
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Date 2011-05-14.23:42:33
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It just occurred to me, there is a potential problem with abstractproperty and the decorator syntax in my patch:

class Foo:

    def p(self): pass
    # p is abstract, but has no abstract methods

    def p(self, val): pass
    # p has no abstract properties, at this point it becomes an instance
    # of property, not abstractproperty

    def p(self): pass
    # the deleter was tagged as abstract, but p was already a
    # regular property. There is no way to turn a regular
    # property into an abstractproperty, so the abstractedness
    # of the deleter is not respected.

Really, the ideal approach is the original one: provide the builtin property with an __isabstractmethod__ attribute, which is set to True if the property has any abstract methods, and False otherwise. (My C is probably too weak to modify the property builtin on my own).
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