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> Even if used a different file name, you still have to set up two
> different sets of directives.

I was assuming this would not be a problem: the .inputrc (or hypothetical .editrc file) is written once for all applications, it’s not a Python-specific task.  What I didn’t see is that users do not necessarily know about which file is used, so it’s at least a doc problem.

For the perceived problem with licensing, I’m adding Martin to nosy, not because he’s a PSF director but because he’s had to make similar choices for the Windows installers.

Martin, here’s the context: the Mac installer sometimes builds readline with the real readline or libedit.  There’s a doc problem which can be solved either by always using the same lib.  The easiest to implement now would be choosing readline, but Ned says: “The main drawback to the trivial suggestion is that it continues to pull in GNU readline, which is now GPLv3-licensed, into the OS X installers. In general, we try to avoid shipping GPL-licensed software since it can complicate the allowable usages of the installed Python.”  Could you provide advice?
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