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Author vstinner
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Date 2011-05-07.10:00:57
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> I mistakenly removed your pending_signals-2 patch
> I'm really sorry about this, could you re-post it?

No problem, anyway I worked on a new version in the train.

> So, if anything, you shouldn't check for a pending signal [in sigwait]

Right, fixed in the new patch.


 - don't check for pending signals in sigwait()
 - pthread_kill() doc: it is not a good idea to say that pthread_kill() with signum=0 can be used to check if a thread identifier is valid => such test does crash (SIGSEGV) on my Linux box. I changed the doc to say that it can be used to check if a thread is still running (which is different).
 - add a dedicated test for sigpending()
 - doc: explain how to get a thread identifier for pthread_kill()
 - don't compile pthread_kill() without threads: you cannot get a valid thread identifier without the _thread module

I think that the patch is ready to be commited. Anyone for a last review? (antoine, neologix?)
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