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Author pitrou
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Date 2011-05-07.00:39:43
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This doesn't seem to be so easy. WFMO (or WFSO) often seems to return successfully while there's no message to read on the pipe end. Here is a sample session (disturbing results):

>>> a, b = connection.Pipe(True)
>>> win32.WaitForMultipleObjects([a._handle], True, 1000)
>>> win32.WaitForMultipleObjects([b._handle], True, 1000)
>>> win32.PeekNamedPipe(a._handle)
(0, 0)
>>> win32.WaitForMultipleObjects([a._handle], True, 1000)

(do note how the end created with CreateFile() is considered ready by WaitForMultipleObjects, while the end created with CreateNamedPipe() is considered ready after an unsuccessful call to PeekNamedPipe()!)
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