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Date 2011-05-05.12:33:42
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@sdaoden(, @pitrou): Antoine proposes to skip the zlib "big buffer" (1 GB) test on 32 bits system. What do you think?

On 64 bits system, we check a buffer of 2 GB-1 byte (0x7FFFFFFF bytes). Is the test useful or not? What do we test?

Can you check if the test crashs on Mac OS X on a 32 bits system (1 GB buffer) if you disable F_FULLFSYNC in mmapmodule.c? Same question on a 64 bits system (2 GB-1 byte buffer)?

The most important test if to test crc32 & adler32 with a buffer bigger than 4 GB, but we cannot write such test in Python 2.7 because the zlib module stores buffer sizes into int variables. So the "big buffer" test of Python 2.7 test_zlib is maybe just useful (on 32 and 64 bits). Can we just remove the test?
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