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Date 2011-05-04.13:48:12
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> error: [Errno 12] Cannot allocate memory

@haypo: Well i told you i have no idea.  These bots are 32 bit?

I'll attach 11277-27.3.diff which does @skipUnless(not 32 bit).
Note i'll test against >_4G - does this work (on 32 bit and in
Python)?  A pity that Python does not offer a 'condition is
always true due to datatype storage restriction' check?!

And i don't think it makes sense to test a _1GB mmap on 32 bit at
all (but at least address space shouldn't exhaust for that).
So, sorry, also for the two bugs in that two-liner, but very
especially the 'm' case.
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11277-27.3.diff sdaoden, 2011-05-04.13:48:12
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