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Author vstinner
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Date 2011-05-02.13:56:56
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test_signal.PthreadSigmaskTests fails on Mac OS X. Leopard 3.x/builds/1785/steps/test/logs/stdio Tiger 3.x/builds/1748/steps/test/logs/stdio
[186/354] test_signal
make: *** [buildbottest] User defined signal 1
---- Tiger 3.x/builds/2429/steps/test/logs/stdio
Re-running test 'test_signal' in verbose mode
test_arguments (test.test_signal.PthreadSigmaskTests) ... ok
test_block_unlock (test.test_signal.PthreadSigmaskTests) ... make: *** [buildbottest] User defined signal 1
program finished with exit code 2
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