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I don't agree with some details of the patch (I would move the log-like calculation to a inline function, and document WHY it is needed at all, for instance), but supporting a new platform is good, moreover when the patch is so small.

I would ask for a seasoned Python-developer to decide the target for this. Personally I would be OK to target 2.7.2, 3.2.1 and 3.3. But since this would be considered a new feature the target would be 3.3. Given the special status of 2.7 (to be maintained for a long time), I would target it too. In any case, this is something that the release managers of each version should consider.

I am "nosy-ing" Benjamin Peterson (2.7) and Georg Brandl (3.2) as release managers. I am interested in their opinion. I don't think we should involucrate 3.1 with this, with 3.2 already published.

After that, we can discuss the patch details.

PS: Markus, could you possibly summarize intierix?. We would need a patch for 3.3 too. Maybe too for 3.2, if Georg opinion is favourable.
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