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Author belopolsky
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Date 2011-04-26.21:47:43
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> The warnings at lines 284, 301, 461, 647 are benign.

I agree.  There is no loss of data because Py_ssize_t variable bounds are checked before these lines are reached.

> The attached patch fixes them.

I don't like these changes:

-Pdata_poptuple(Pdata *self, Py_ssize_t start)
+Pdata_poptuple(Pdata *self, int start)

-Pdata_poplist(Pdata *self, Py_ssize_t start)
+Pdata_poplist(Pdata *self, int start)

These seem to attempt to fix

    Py_SIZE(self) = start;

assignments, but as far as I can tell, Py_SIZE(self) type is Py_ssize_t.

What do I miss here?
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