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Author loewis
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Date 2011-04-26.20:15:36
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> How can we help you ?

Please contribute a full, complete, working VMS port to Python 3.3.

I never understood whether the code that we have is supposed to be
complete, in the sense that you get a working Python out of it
(rather, I understood that this never was the case - that you always
needed additional pieces to make it do something useful).

Another step to demonstrate ongoing support would be to contribute
a VMS build slave, so that committers without VMS (which is nearly
100%) can actually find out whether it continues to work after

I'd also like to see a dedicated maintainer nominated - a person who'll
respond to bug reports about the VMS support; if that person ever
leaves, and no new maintainer is nominated, the code would again be
up for removal.

If no demonstrable improvement is contributed to Python 3.3, I'd
continue with the PEP 11 process.
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